by b oxer on February 20, 2020

We’ve been meaning to throw Lovers Ball for quite some time now, after waiting close to 3 years for the right time we decided we’d welcome the new century with more fun things to do with our friends and family - so we picked Valentines day 2020 to start everything off.  Lovers Ball is a prom style dance for all the Lovers and Heartbreaks alike and that’s exactly what we brought together. From 10pm to 4am everyone danced together, laughed together, and enjoyed every thing love has to offer, together. 

with just 2 months into 2020 we can easily say that it's been a rather heavy year thus far, so seeing everyone together, surrounded by nothing but love and fun was a beautiful scene.

all photos from Lovers Ball will be available on the Lovers Ball blogBe sure to follow us on there as we'll be uploading more photos from the night as we receive them.

for all other photos in front of the moon shot by the Bobby Banks, please check them out HERE

Special thanks to everyone involved in setting this event with us, from Yellowtech to Chrle, to our brothers over at Cliff.

We hope to see you at our next Lovers Ball <3

- K