Felt @ Humanity Festival, Nagoya Japan.

by C P on July 30, 2019
July 14th 2019 
Our journey to Humanity Festival in Nagoya, Japan, started like any other trip - From one airplane in New York City right onto a Bullet train in Tokyo.  Zooming through the country side, from one city to another it only took us about 4 hours to reach Nagoya, capital of Japan's Aichi Prefecture. Vast and almost empty, Nagoya wasn't a buzzing city like the likes of Tokyo or Osaka, but it was just as vibrant and alive. Lucky for us, we were still about an hour and a half away so there was some more country side to see and more local stories to hear from our cab driver.
The festival grounds were located in the famous Toyota Stadium far enough from the city center that you could feel a sort of isolation, until we walked into the stadium. The love was felt instantly as we strolled passed people wearing Felt pieces from different seasons, some up to 3 years old and some of our newer collaborations only available that day. 
Our set up was simple and guerrilla style, just how it's intended to be - a fold out table, folded t-shirts, beer coozies, and the boys - Surrounded by all our good friends, from Wasted Youth, Tokyo Vitamin, Trash Talk, Enth and everyone else.  The time spent at Humanity was beautiful, we got to rage with our friends and touch the good people.
Enjoy some photos below taken by Jiggy